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Below are links to social media channels managed by Franklin & Marshall's alumni and Alumni Relations staff. If you have questions or comments, please contact Alysa Poindexter (). Thank you for keeping in touch!

  • Facebook

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    F&M Alumni on Facebook

    下载瑞彩祥云快3the facebook pages below offer a great way to get in touch with reunion year classes, keep up to date on regional chapter events, and get involved with alumni affinity groups.

    For a full list of all class year Facebook pages click here.    



  • Instagram

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    F&M Alumni on Instagram

    下载瑞彩祥云快3check out the latest pictures of alumni events and f&m's campus! keep an eye out for alumni instagram "takeovers."  

  • Flickr

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    F&M Alumni on Flickr

    we use flickr to share all the photos from alumni gatherings and campus events. check out specific albums such as reunion, homecoming or regional events, or browse the f&m college and f&m alumni flickr pages for even more photos!

  • LinkedIn

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    F&M Alumni on LinkedIn
     Check out the many LinkedIn pages created for F&M Alumni. These pages provide a wide variety of professional networking connections through alumni organizations and regional chapters across the country. 

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